#07. An Introduction

The wonderful human body.

The human body is a wonderful creation of God, competing with the human mind in its complexity and diversity of functions-being performed seemingly effortlessly!

The skin in a person’s body has two million pores and a sweat gland to supply each of these pores.

A human skeleton consists of more than 200 distinct bones.

The blood passing through the heart per minute is equal to the total volume of blood in the body.

The capacity of the lungs is 320 cubic inches.

The total length of all the respiratory ducts put together is 9 miles!

The volume of air breathed per hour is 3000 cubic feet per person.

The Human stomach produces gastric acid-strong enough to dissolve razor blades!

The number of muscles in a human body exceeds 500.

The number of heart beats per day is a 100,000!

The average intake of food and drinks is 5.5 pounds per day.

This becomes a massive one ton of food and drink annually per person.

Let us look into some of the astounding facts about the human body!


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