39. Alice in Wonderland

Alice Pleasance Liddell ( 1852- 1934) inspired the Children classic Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. She was the middle of the three daughters of Henry Liddell (Dean of Christ Church, Oxford) and Lorina Hanna Liddell. She was a distant relative of Queen Elizabeth II. She married Reginald Hargreaves in 1880.

On 4th July 1862, in a row boat traveling from Folly bridge, Oxford to Godstow for a picnic party,ten year old Alice Liddell asked Charles Dodgson (whose pen name was Lewis Carroll) to entertain her and her two sisters Edith (age 8 years) and Lorina (age 13 years) with stories.

Dodgson told the girls a fantastic story of a girl names Alice and her adventures, after she fell into a rabbit hole. Alice Liddell insisted that he should write down the story for her.

The manuscript “Alice’s adventures underground” was ready in November 1864. “Alice’s adventures in the wonderland” illustrated by John Tenniel, was published in 1865, under his pen name Lewis Carrol.

A second book “Through the looking glass and what Alice found there” followed in 1871. In 1886 the original manuscript that Dodgson gave to Alice Liddell was also published.

Visalakshi Ramani


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