38. Roderick Spode

Roderick Spode, often known as Spode or Lord Sidcup, is a fictional character from the Jeeves novels of P.G.Wodehouse. He is portrayed as an amateur dictator and a leader of the fictional Fascist group of London called The Black Shorts!

Spode is portrayed as a large intimidating figure. He is constantly in love with Madeline Basset, whom he wishes to protect from men “playing fast and loose”. He marches his followers around London and country side and preaches loudly the dissoluteness of modern society.

Spode is modeled after Sir.Oswald Mosley-leader of British Union of Fascists-nicknamed as Black Shirts. The name Spode was probably suggested by the famous Spode Pottery made in Stafford Shire and Mosley’s family connection to those pottery areas.

Sir Oswald Mosley, Sixth Baronet (November 1896 to December 1980) was a British politician. He was the founder of British Union Of Fascists. Mosley’s family were prosperous landowners of Stafford Shire. He was a member of Parliament from Harrow (1918 to 1923) and from Smethwick (1926 to 1931).

Visalakshi Ramani


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