209. Optical Illusions

1. To make a small room appear larger…decorate it in light colors.

2. To make a large room appear smaller…decorate with warm colors.

3. To make a wall appear closer… paint it with a darker shade of the same color as the other walls.

4. To make a wall appear farther away …paint it with a light shade of a cool color.

5. To make the floor look smaller…use a dark floor covering/ tile/carpet/ linoleum.

6. To make the floor larger… use a light floor covering.

7. To make the high ceiling appear lower…paint it with a slightly darker shade than the walls.

8. To raise the ceiling higher… paint it in a lighter shade than the walls.

9. To lower the ceiling of a very large room…paint the top section of the walls in the same darker shade as the ceiling.

10. To widen a narrow corridor..use light colors on the walls, floor and the ceiling.

11. To shorten a long corridor or a long room, paint the end walls with a dark or warm color.

12. To change the proportions of a corridor, use darker shade on the ceiling and floor and lighter shade on the walls.The space will now appear wider and lower.

13. To make a cool room cozy and warm; use peach, coral and apricot combination.

14. To make a warm room cool, use blue, grays and cool neutral colors.

15. To make room brighter, use a white glossy painting on the ceiling. The ceiling must be made be made perfectly smooth or the defects will be magnified!


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