140. Tarsier

Tarsier is a small animal with enormous eyes! Each of its eye balls is as large as its entire brain! It is the smallest primate and the only carnivorous primate existing on earth!

Tarsier has a long hind limbs. Its feet has elongated tarsus bones and the animal derives it name from this fact.

The length of its head and body range from 10 to 15 c.m but the hind limbs including the feet are twice as long! It has a slender tail 20 to 25 c.m long. Its fingers are elongated too. The third finger is as long as its upper arm. The claws in the second and the third toes in the hind feet are useful in personal grooming.

It has a soft velvety fur usually in beige, orange or buff in color. Nocturnal in habits and is least active during the day time. An insectivorous, it can jump and catch the insects. It feeds on small birds, snakes, lizards and bats.

Jumping from tree to tree it can catch even a bird in flight! When caged it gets extremely stressed and either injures itself or kills itself!

Visalakshi Ramani


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