203. Color Selection

I. Primary colors:

Red, Blue and yellow are the three primary colors.

II. Secondary colors:

They are obtained by mixing the primary colors.

Orange, Green and Violet are the secondary colors.

Orange = red + yellow,
green = blue + yellow and
violet = red + blue.

III. Tertiary colors:

They are obtained by the mixing on the secondary colors.

IV. Contrast colors:

The pairs of colors occurring opposite to each other in the color wheel.

V. Harmonious colors:

Any two colors lying next to each other are harmonious since they share a common base color.

VI. Pastel Colors:

Colors mixed with a white base.

VII. Shaded or muted colors:

Colors mixed with gray or black.

VIII. Warm colors:

Yellow, mustard, orange, scarlet, red and pink are warm colors. They are very vibrant and difficult to live with! Their softer shades are cozy, easy to live with and do not dominate!

IX. Cool colors:

The other half of the color wheel has the cool colors. Green, Copper sulfate, blue, violet and purple are cool colors.

Warm colors make the room appear smaller. The walls seem to be nearer than they really are!

Cool colors make the room appear larger. The walls appear to recede creating an impression of a larger room and more available space!

Contrasting color compete with others.They produce an uneasy effect.Just imagine red and green colors, side by side in the same room!

On the other hand 2 or 3 or ever 4 harmonious colors blend very well in a room and produce a pleasing effect, without burdening you with monotony nor troubling the eyes with severe domination and competition.


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