100. Types of Intelligence

A high I.Q is required for academic excellence and it is readily recognized and widely acclaimed. But there are many other types of intelligences—equally important and equally great!

“Word smart” persons possess Linguistic Intelligence. These people can express complex meanings and emotions in simple words, both accurately and beautifully. Poets, novelists, journalists and public speakers belong to this category.

“Reasoning smart” persons possess Logical and Mathematical Intelligence. These people can calculate, reason out, quantify and form hypothesis. They are good in inductive as well as deductive methods of reasoning. Scientists, detectives and mathematicians belong to this group.

“Picture Smart” persons possess Spatial Intelligence. These people can imagine in three dimensions. They can form mental images, allocate space correctly, manipulate images, create graphics and are artistic. Sailors, pilots, sculptors, painters and architects belong to this category.

“Musical Smart” person possess Musical intelligence. They have a natural capacity to distinguish between various notes, pitches, timbres, tones and rhythms. Composers and conductors, musicians, vocalists and sensitive listeners all fall in this category.

“Body Smart” persons possess Body Kinesthetic Intelligence. They have the capacity to manipulate objects. They have physical skills and a perfect sense of timing. They have a sense of the body-mind-union. Athletes, dancers, surgeons and persons good in crafts fall in this category.

“Self Smart” persons possess Intrapersonal intelligence. They have the capacity to understand themselves as well as the feelings, thoughts and emotions of the others. Psychologists, philosophers and great spiritual leaders fall in this category.

“People Smart” persons possess Interpersonal intelligence. They excel in interpersonal dealings. They understand the sense, the moods and temperament of the people they are dealing with and do so effectively. They can communicate perfectly. Teachers, social workers, actors and politicians fall in this category.

“Nature smart” persons possess Naturalistic Intelligence. They have the ability to recognize various plants, animals, rocks, trees and clouds etc.These people enjoy fishing, hiking, camping and all out door activities. Persons with Naturalistic Intelligence show interest in Biology, Astronomy, Zoology and Meteorology.

“Existence smart” persons possess Existentialistic Intelligence. They enjoy the process of thinking and questioning.They are curious to know about life, death, life after death and the ultimate realities. Aristotle, Plato and Socrates belong to this category of persons with Existential Intelligence.

We need people with every kind of intelligence to make the world attractive and beautiful. All of them may not score the same I.Q, but are nevertheless equally great, in their chosen field of activity.

Find out your “special smartness” and cultivate it to become a successful person in life.

Visalakshi Ramani


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