36. James Bond 007

James Bond is a fictional character created by Ian Fleming in 1953, featuring in twelve novels and two short story collections.

According to Ian Fleming Memoirs, Dusan Popov, a Siberian born super agent of MI6, was the inspiration for James Bond. Born in a wealthy family in 1912, Popov was recruited by MI5. He worked as a double agent between 1940 and 1944!

Popov was famous for his playboy-lifestyle and the dangerous missions he performed. He spoke fluent German and had several well placed connections in Germany. He hated Nazis secretly for occupying his country.

He was signed up as a spy by Anti Hitler Abwehr agents early in the war. He offered his services to U.K. He became a double agent and came to live in London.

Popov was a ladies’ man! He lived in extravaganza in U.S and in London. He published his memoirs “Spy, Counterspy” in 1974.

Many researchers are of the opinion that James Bond is a romanticized version of Ian Fleming himself, a jet-setting womanizer! Both Fleming and Bond attended the same school, preferred the same food, had the same habits, had the same notion about women, had similar naval careers, had the same hair style and eye color!

Apparently Fleming chose Popov as his model and added his own Charisma and personality traits to create James Bond. He wanted the name of the hero he had created to be “as ordinary as possible” and yet as masculine as it was unromantic!

There was a Namesake James Bond (1900 – 1989) who was a leading American Ornithologist. Ian Fleming himself was a keen bird watcher.

The name of the ornithologist appealed to him and he named his hero as James Bond with the permission of the original James Bond!

Visalakshi Ramani


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