Why these Articles?

The world we live in, is filled with marvelous things, both God-made and man-made. If we retain our childlike curiosity, we can still wonder at hundreds of things around us.

I try to admire these and want you too to do so. So this is just an attempt to impress you with what impressed me in the first place.

I have written articles on 200 topics under 15 different subheadings-so that every one is sure to find something interesting to read!

Below the words “Why these Articles?” in the home page, the drop lists for the subheadings and for the topics under each subheading will appear. So you don’t have to scroll all the way down in the long list of articles!

I acknowledge with gratitude the Wikipedia, which has been a vast and valuable source of information, I needed for my articles.

I am happy I could find exactly what I needed for illustrating my articles among the thousands of images available in Google.com

Happy reading! Send back your comments and suggestions!

Visalakshi Ramani


8 Responses to Why these Articles?

  1. R V Ramani says:

    I am happy to find this interesting website blog. I am amazed with the wealth of information provided. For older generation like me this is a good hunting ground for time-pass. Sorry if you feel offended by my comments. God bless you!

    • Dear Sir,
      Thanks for the kind compliments! I believe that there are thousands of amazing things around us. I take time to stop and look at them. I am glad you too like to do so! With encouraging feed backs like your comments, I can add more topics, more sub headings or even open a new site!
      Do read the Tamil site also and send your feed back.
      with warm regards,
      yours sincerely,
      Visalakshi Ramani.

  2. Brahmanyan says:

    Dear Mrs Visalakshi Ramani,
    Today only I stepped into your Blog by chance. Wonderful work. I could see an echo of my self here, a restless mind seeking knowledge every second of its existence. I am yet to start reading the Articles.
    With Best wishes,


    • Dear Mr. Brahmanyan,
      Birds of a feather flock together! 🙂
      My original idea of entering the Forum was to give my web links and disappear underground for writing more poems and articles for another blog.
      But God destined it to be in another way. So now I am neck deep in with a dozen commitments for preparing a equal number of posts, everyday.
      I will be looking forward to your valuable feedback. Since nobody came from the forum to my bog now I am publishing one article per day in the Daily Dose of Interesting Information under General Discussions. It became a case of the proverbial “Mohammad and the mountain”! Today I have published my 85th article.
      with warm regards,
      Visalakshi Ramani.

  3. ssri says:

    You are writing beautiful poetry. But you are ugly. Change your photo.

    • I am 65+ years old.
      I am told I look good for my age!
      If you do not like to see my face, it is your problem. Not mine!
      This is NOT a beauty contest and you are NOT a judge!
      And I have NO intention of changing my photo – just to please you.
      I have many photos of my younger days but I look like this when I wrote these.
      So If you want to accept the writing, you had better learn to accept the face also!
      It will be good for you to learn some good manners -in case someone in your home has them!

  4. N.R.Ranganathan says:

    Good reply madam.

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