2. The Cowboys

The Cowboys of the Wild West are regarded as heroes. They get scorched by the harsh Sun, driven by the rain and snow and brave the attacks by the hostile, native Indians. Yet, the first Cowboys were “Cattle Raiders” and not “Cattle Raisers”.

When The British seized the New York City in 1776, during the American Revolution, the rest of the province was turned into turmoil. Both the sides formed guerrilla forces and committed murders and robbery as if they had got sanction to do so.

Westchester County was the common hunting ground for both parties. The “Cowboys” looted from the British side while the “Patriot brigade” looted from the American side.

The title Cowboys was the nickname earned by the British Guerrillas for their success as cattle raiders. They were ruthless killers of men and lured the unsuspecting victim into the woods, using the cow bells, in order to kill them.

With horses and men as their targets, the American Guerrillas, aptly names as “Skinners” were even more vicious and unprincipled than the cowboys.

Quite often the Cowboys and the Skinners formed groups, for the disposal and distribution of their loots, as equally as possible. When the hostilities ceased in 1781, the plundering and killing came to an end.

It took several generations before the atrocities of the Cowboys were forgiven and forgotten. Now the Cowboys, who are cattle risers, have earned the respect and admiration of the whole of U.S.A.

Visalakshi Ramani


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