52. Ding Dong Bell

Ding dong bell
Pussy’s in the well
Who put her in?
Little Johnny Flynn
Who pulled her out?
Little Tommy Stout
What a naughty boy was that
Try to drown poor Pussycat,
Who ne’er did any harm
But killed all the mice
In the Farmer’s barn!

This is a rhyme with a message of morality. The origin dates back to the 16th Century. William Shakespeare had used the phrase “Ding Dong Bell” in several plays like The Tempest (Act 1, scene 2) and The Merchant of Venice (Act 3, Scene 2).

The original lyrics of Ding Dong Bell ended with the cat being allowed to drown! Later the rhyme was modified and Little Tommy Stout was made to pull her out of the well and save her life!

Children should be taught not to harm any form of life, which has not harmed them. They should be discouraged from harming the animals and birds living around us.

The modified form does indeed teach Morality, to children at a very tender age!

Visalakshi Ramani


2 Responses to 52. Ding Dong Bell

  1. Thanks for the heads up, great post.

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